Saturday, 30 March 2019

Please Return My Key

So, what's next?
What am I waiting for,
Who am I waiting for,
Is happiness out there?
Can I feel it again,
Can I feel it when my heart caged still,
Is happiness for me?
Is it happiness that absent,
Or I am the one who unable,
To feel it,
I was too hardheaded,
I believe happiness is just what I define happiness,
I don't want nothing else,
I want you,
I don't want somebody else,
I close my eyes, I see you,
Your charming smile,
Your special body scent,
Why can't I get rid of those imaginations,
Yesterday I listened to my favorite song,
I hear you,
She sings about you,
What so special about you,
You exist in my dreams,
Can you return the key?
Of my heart,
I wanna be happy again,