Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Ladies Fashion


Who doesn't love watching Hollywood movies? The greatest entertainment industries with the production of millions box office movies, famous celebrities with good skill of acting and high taste of fashion during red carpet! Some celebrities are well known of their good taste of styles. Yes, it can be seen that celebrities are always dressed so well and glamorous but how about with their partners?

There are three celebrity couples who have incredible fashion taste everywhere they go. They are a match made from heaven with mutual creative styles. For the ladies who are dating someone, engaged or married, admit that sometimes you would love wearing matching outfits with your beloved! Me three! 

If you are dying to look stylish with your partner, check out these fantastic celebrity couples who look fabulous in anything they wear. From red carpet events, a date, to weddings and even on casual day outs or at the airport. They are such an inspiration for men and ladies fashion! #relationshipgoal

Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl

Look at these gorgeous, famous and fashionable couple. They look so amazing together. This couple knows how to mix and match various pieces together that still represents their character. Olivia and Johannes also caught the attention of others when the Mrs pulled a shocking wedding dress on her big day! Not everyone can put a wedding dress together using a cream cashmere jumper of ostrich like feathers, which she teamed with white shorts and full tulle skirt overlay. A wedding checklist maybe, girls? 

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Guys, look how happy the lovely couple is. Both are well-known actors in Hollywood and manage to pull a great look anywhere they go. Preggy mommy will never look so gorgeous as Blake who looks so stunning even when she is pregnant in a white stretchable maxi dress. Who says casual day out outfits are outdated and boring. Apparently this couple knows how to make a casual outfit look trendy by accessorizing it with stylish hats and sunglasses during a normal day out. How I wish I can be as fashionable as them! 

Victoria Beckham and David Beckham

Pheww, by looking at their photos literally make me sweat in here! Lol. Look how gorgeous and stylish this British couple. They are always  known for their fantastic taste in fashion, never ever fails to impress the fans with their super taste of fashion. The husband and wife have a certain style which represents sophistication and elegance. ;) 

You're welcome!!